Is New Orleans the Best City for Working Artists?

Do you need a soundtrack to plan your trip? You don't have to be in New Orleans to enjoy good local music, but the city is renowned for its vibrant culture and creative atmosphere. A study conducted by SmartAsset, a personal finance website, states that New Orleans is the number one city for working creatives. With 161.1 creative workers for every 10,000 workers and a cost of living that is 98.4 percent of the national average, it's no wonder why so many artists are drawn to the city. Bourbon Street is legendary and a destination for most visitors to New Orleans, and music is part of its history.

But what about other forms of art? Arthur Roger is an experienced member of the New Orleans art community, and has owned his gallery for just under 40 years. According to Roger, the amount for which art is sold in a place like New Orleans is much lower than what is sold in New York. However, he believes that the loyalty of the New Orleans community more than makes up for it. Joshua Duncan, a visual artist who shows his work in Jackson Square, gave an idea of his own experience as a painter based in New Orleans.

He believes that life can be great for an artist in New Orleans who has a cheap place to live, but acknowledges that it can be difficult for those who work inconsistently. Caroline, an artist who works with Joshua, evaluates her art by considering what meaning it has in the world and how it is brought to life by the creative community and general community of New Orleanians. From jazz, funk, bounce and blues to gospel masses and jazz funerals, from Southern Gothic literature to rap, from art galleries to street art, New Orleans brings out the expressive side of locals and visitors alike, whether as a profession or just one day a year. The people of New Orleans have a strong connection to the past, and perhaps that affinity naturally prevents the city from growing too much, too fast, and (hopefully) too expensive.

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