Exploring the Hidden Treasures of New Orleans Murals

New Orleans is a city full of culture, history, and art. From sculptural installations to murals on food trucks, the city is full of unique and vibrant pieces of art. One of the most impressive pieces of art in the city is the mural hidden in a parking lot on Baronne Street. This piece was worked by BMike and the Young Artists movement and is just one of the many outdoor murals that can be found in the parishes of Orleans and Jefferson.

The NOLA Mural Project facilitated the painting of this mural that celebrates the tricentennial of New Orleans and is located at 2626 Canal St. The self-taught artist has worked with the Ashé Cultural Art Center, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the New Orleans Museum of Art, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The project was an opportunity to create a free public education tool that can preserve the history and culture of New Orleans as it constantly evolves. One of the most iconic murals in New Orleans is Saint Alvin Kamara of New Orleans places obstacles to an alligator in a mural at the New Orleans Art Center by Devin DeWulf, founder of the Krewe of Red Beans.

The Louisiana Blue Note is another impressive mural painted on the side of a two-story house in the Seventh District. This piece stands out because it was one of the first pieces that were commissioned in New Orleans before the great rise of wall art. Much of the city's street art shows cultural and civil rights leaders, scenes from New Orleans' past and present, local residents, and the city's rich musical tradition. Pierre said that it's important for a native of New Orleans, someone truly connected to the city, to undertake a project like this.

Keep scrolling to see a complete photo tour of New Orleans street art and murals, as well as the exact location of each piece.From local artists, traveling artists to world-renowned artists, New Orleans street art has picked up its pace in recent years. There are so many murals in New Orleans that this blog post will be updated every time you find new murals or hear an artist create new murals in the city. One of my favorite things about traveling is finding places to post on Instagram, but New Orleans murals are beautiful on their own.

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