4 Impacts of the Arts in the Community

The presence of the arts is linked to greater livability in the neighborhood, community identity and social well-being. Research has shown that participating in the arts can lead to informal education and community empowerment, as well as a sense of pride and ownership. Local artists can take part in the local art scene by attending art fairs, art exhibitions at city hall, or joining local cultural organizations. From a competitive standpoint, cities that invest in and promote artistic thinking through their educational and labor systems, and that host a variety of artistic services and an openness and tolerance of ideas, have a clear advantage in the economy of the future.

The social impacts of the arts are often overlooked, but they can open up new possibilities for solving community challenges. Founded in 1960, Americans for the Arts is a leading non-profit organization that works to promote arts and arts education. Path with Art is another organization that uses art and music to support and empower vulnerable populations, close gaps, build trust and transform lives. Not only is art great for culture, education, communication between different cultures or for improving creativity and creative ability, but it also has healing power.

Communities around the world can be strengthened through diverse forms of art, such as music, theater and fine art. Public art projects bring together people from diverse backgrounds to achieve common goals, such as preserving national heritage, art history, culture, or advocating for social justice. Americans for the Arts serves, promotes, and leads the network of organizations and individuals that cultivate, promote, sustain, and support the arts in the United States. While 79% of King County residents believe that the arts benefit their personal well-being and 60% cite them as a key factor in their decision to live in the area, only 28% think that arts and culture promote social change at the community level.

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