Unveiling the New Art Piece in New Orleans

The city of New Orleans recently unveiled a new public art mural, presented as part of The Prospect, that replaced a monument to the Confederacy. It's no secret that New Orleans values the arts, and with the help of many local organizations, such as the NOLA Mural Project and the New Orleans Arts Council, works of art continue to be created in the city to inspire others. Street art has become a recognized part of the city's landscape, and here's a summary of some of our favorite works. In honor of music legend Dr.

John, a mural was painted at 3223 Dryades Street off the beaten path of Uptown. Muralist Courtney “CeAux” Buckley painted New Orleans-born superstar Lil Wayne in Hollygrove, 8401 Olive Street. The painting gained more strength when rapper Drake included the mural in his music video for the song “In My Feelings”. CeAux's work can also be seen in St.

Claude, near Elysian Fields, where he painted a New Orleans woman from the 1990s, whom he called Taddie. The city of New Orleans partnered with the Canadian government and Arts New Orleans to coordinate an exhibition that included meetings with community artists and New Orleans stakeholders to hear what was important about the show and what they thought it could do for the city. The Lee monument, this new work of art, is located at ground level and was designed by Canadian artist Chantelle Trainor-Matties and recreated by local New Orleans artist JoLean Barkley on the corner of Ursulines and N Avenues. The works were promoted by the New Orleans Arts Council and were the result of a competition by local and international artists.

The artwork celebrates the ritual practices of the African Diaspora, including New Orleans, and marks a new historical perspective for Égalité Circle. Sponsored by the New Orleans Youth Leadership Council, painted streetcars were created to raise funds for a new art pavilion. Although part of the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Sculpture Garden is free and open to the public.

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