The Most Influential Musicians from New Orleans

Music is a way of life in New Orleans. Known as the birthplace of jazz, Crescent City uses music to celebrate, mourn and make history. New Orleans' most influential musicians span several decades and genres, from the jazz artists of the 1920s to the icons of modern hip hop. Soul, R&B and rock and roll are some of the most popular musical styles that continue to be played in clubs and dance halls in the city, thanks to famous musicians and singers such as Fats Domino and Ernie K-Doe.

We couldn't write about famous New Orleans musicians without starting with Louis Armstrong, arguably the city's most famous celebrity and one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time. Known for his skill with the trumpet, Armstrong began his musical studies with the cornet, a brass instrument similar to the trumpet. At the young age of 11, under the instruction of music teacher Peter Davis, Armstrong mastered the instrument and set out to play music professionally. He soon became one of the best horn players in New Orleans, regularly entertaining guests on riverboats.The Meters (and any band with a member of the Neville family) are also some of the most influential artists from New Orleans.

Visit the Tremé neighborhood and learn about the birthplace of Trombone Shorty on a musical and cultural tour. A 2-hour walking tour of the French Quarter and Louis Armstrong National Jazz Park is an excellent introduction to New Orleans music. Listen to history and MP3 recordings of music from the early 20th century to contemporary music.You may have heard their song 504 made with the musical group glbl wrmng and local artist Pell. Their explicit lyrics and music videos are some of the most popular anthems for women preparing for a wild girls' night on Bourbon Street.

Vocalists Bo Dollis and Monk Boudreaux represent the Indian tradition of New Orleans Mardi Gras. However, they are not Native Americans; these Indians are groups of African-American men who parade, sing and play drums on Mardi Gras, dressed in elaborate costumes sewn by hand with beads and feathers.The intricate designs of these costumes often represent Native American attire. There is considerable debate about the origins of this tradition, which is also found throughout the Caribbean. There are many tribes in New Orleans; Dollis is the great boss of the Wild Magnolias, while Boudreaux is the great boss of the Golden Eagles; these are positions of stature and cultural responsibility.Dollis and Boudreaux are unique among Mardi Gras Indians because they have mixed their songs with popular music and have been commercially successful.

Jazz (1930 -) Fountain is one of the main performers of Dixieland jazz school in New Orleans, a style that combines traditional concepts with conventional popular popular music. He was influenced by outstanding clarinetists such as Sidney Bechet and Benny Goodman.Fountain rose to national fame with weekly television appearances on The Lawrence Welk Show in the late 1950s. Still active and energetic, Fountain is a popular figure in New Orleans, where he frequently performs at his own nightclub.Pianist Billie Pierce and her husband, trumpet player DeDe Pierce, played and recorded in New Orleans from the 1930s to early 1970s. His traditional jazz and blues repertoire included Afro-Caribbean rhythms and Creole French lyrics, along with a wide variety of songs and pop standards that are also heard in many other American genres.As leaders of their own long-time group, The Pierces employed such renowned musicians as clarinetist George Lewis.

In later years, they toured the world as members of Preservation Hall Jazz Band.When Bryan Williams founded Cash Money Records in New Orleans around 1991, he didn't know that it would produce some of the most influential artists in hip hop and rap. Ellis Marsalis is another multifaceted artist who contributed greatly to New Orleans music scene; he is currently affiliated with Jazz Studies program at University of New Orleans.Two multifaceted artists who contributed greatly to New Orleans music scene: Dr. One helped pave way for jazz musicians while other helped reinvent sound. Both are much loved and unique in NOLA.Here are best artists and bands from Louisiana.

The Pelican State is one of most important states in terms of music in United States. Everyone associates state with jazz and, in fact, genre had great development in New Orleans.However, state can be divided into three distinct musical regions. The northern part has more in common with rest rural South than it does with New Orleans. The southern part is home to old French music also known as Cajun music; it has rich history has launched careers many artists.Some Louisiana's most famous musical artists appeared nearly 100 years ago while others are quite new; either way everyone has been influenced by diverse region which they were born or raised.

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